Today is a beautiful day!

It’s Monday November 5th, 2012 and today I’m leaving my apartment of two years, the Pacific Northwest and beginning a 10 day solo road trip to San Francisco.

Not going to lie…it feels good!! šŸ™‚

Just had my exit interview with HTC. And now I’ve officially accepted a new position.

The new role will require me to spend more time connecting with people, exploring the world, discovering great adventures, listening to and following my heart and soul, giving more, and to simply spend my time in the present.

It won’t always be easy; as there isn’t a prescribed path to follow. But, no worries, I feel as if I was born for this position. šŸ™‚

My new emplorer is Life and it wants me to get started right away! šŸ™‚

I’ve started by selling pretty much all of my possessions. Which included my car and everything that I’ve collected over the years. Slimming down to a backpack and a messenger bag.


Here is what I’m bringing:

– 1 Osprey Aesther 60 Trekking Pack
– 1 Salomon 25 Trail Running, Waterproof Pack (which will be packed into the Osprey)
– 1 Tenba Mini Messenger Bag – to carry my laptop, camera and other various electronics.
– 10 Icebreaker Super light Shirts – 100% Merino Wool. Anti-microbial and super breathable.
– 2 Pairs of Arcteryx hiking shorts
– 2 Pairs of Jeans
– 1 Pair Lulu Lemmon Active Dress Pant
– 5 Pairs Icebreaker Super light socks
– 3 tank tops
– 1 board shorts
– 6 Paris Icebreaker Boxer Briefs
– 1 thermolight Sleeping bag liner
– 1 Trekking Hat
– 1 Parasheet (Nylon Packable sheet for beach, camping. Multiple use)
– 1 Pack towel
– 1 headphones
– 1 Panasonic Waterproof Camera
– 1 Sony Nex-7 Interchangeable Lens camera
– 1 iPad


All packed up!

When I started preparing for this journey a few months ago I started to think about everything that I would need to do to be on my way; it was overwhelming. A great friend of mine told me one day, after telling him that I thought I was over thinking it a bit, he said that I need to just have faith that day by day things will come together.

“Your darkest fears lie in anticipation”

So, as it would have been it has been. I sold everything, I got all of my affairs in order, my bags are packed and I’m officially out the door and on the road.

To begin this new adventure, I’ve rented a car and will be taking a 10 day road trip to San Francisco. First stop is Portland. Where ill spend two days with some friends, explore the city, Andy drink so amazing coffee.

After a couple days Ill be heading down the 101 Pacific coast highway. Where Ill stop wherever I feel like and camp in the Redwood Forest. Finally making my way to a friends house in The Bay Area.

On 11/14 ill take a flight from SFO…arriving at in Seattle at 7:30pm. Where I will have an hour and a half before my red eye flight to Birmingham Alabama. Ill then spend the next 15 days with my family and hometown friends. 15 days of reminiscing about old times and new adventures to come.

While I’m in Birmingham we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving and my 30th birthday. It’s funny, I never thought I would be turning thirty and at the same time beginning a completely new life. I remember being 21 and going to a friends 30th birthday party and thinking that he was so grown up and so accomplished. (His birthday party was themed “dirty thirty”). I only hoped to be as successful as he. High paying job, married and a little one on the way.

As I write this first journal entry, as I stand here with all of my possessions on my back and a world of possibilities ahead, I feel at peace. I feel joyful. I feel hopeful. I feel alive! šŸ™‚


15 responses to “Beginning

    • Nick, my man! haha…yea Bear would love it! That thing always comes in handy while out and about. And it’s so packable. Not even to mention inexpensive.

  1. Look forward to traveling with you through your blogs Brandon. I am excited and anxious to hear about the experiences you will encounter on your Journey. Your adventurous soul with be filled with greatness in this new beginning! Sending much love and many prayers on your travels!

    • Jordan šŸ™‚ Me too! Can’t wait to meet up in some crazy random place in SE Asia. We will have so much fun!!
      Thanks for the sweet comments and thanks for the prayers and love šŸ™‚

  2. You never cease to amaze me brother, please call me when you get to town cause I gotta shake your hand. I can always count on you for a new adventure, Love you man. Be safe…

  3. Yay Brandon!! So excited for you!! Sounds f-ing awesome! Nice to see someone with the balls to get out there and live their dreams šŸ˜‰ We will be in Tahiti at Christmas through Jan 9 so only a a thousand miles away! Do it big buddy!! Looking forward to following along with your blog. Maybe a skype session from around the world is in order. Good luck!!

    • haha!! You are funny šŸ™‚
      That’s what I hear from Keith. How amazing will that be! Yea a little side trip to Tahiti sounds interesting. I’m definitely thinking about the world cup in Brazil.

      I’m so happy for you guys. I hate that I couldn’t make it to the wedding. But I’m sure we’ll celebrate soon enough!

  4. Brandon, good luck to you my friend, I’ll live vicariously thru you and your journeys. I remember one comment my sister used to say…”Always turn your face to the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you”. Travel Safe!

    • Hey Chris, yea man I slimmed down as much as possible. And now that I have an apartment in Chiang Mai, anywhere I travel to for a few day or weeks, ill just bring a very small day pack. The less I have the better.

  5. Hi Brandon! I met your incredibly cool and beautiful mother a couple months ago and we’ve made friends. She talks about you to me alot because we are on a similar journey in life right now. After 10 years in corporate America, I left my job for a while to travel a bit visiting friends and new places and like you, to live more freely. I’ll go back to work this summer but not to the same work. It was time for a change and it’s gonna be a good one. I’m headed to Cape Town, South Africa for most of April to volunteer on a project playing sports and surfing with kids. If you take your travels to South Africa, look me up. But just know that boldness is so very contagious and that your leap of faith will not only have an incredible impact on your life, but will inspire and motivate everyone around you as well. Safe travels.

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