Out for a run: Icebreaker GT Ultralite Shirt + Icebreaker Crew Lite Socks

Icebreaker GT Ultralite 150

Going for a run at Oak Mountain State Park. It’s about 60 degrees in Birmingham and I’ll be trail running with about 1500ft elevation gain.

For today’s run, I’m wearing an Icebreaker GT Ultralite 150 shirt, Solomon running shorts, Icebreaker Crew Lite Hiking socks, and La Sportiva Crossover GTX Trail running shoes.

If you are looking for the absolute top of the line in performance, look no further than Icebreaker. Made from 100% New Zealand Merino wool. It breathes like no other, it NEVER smells, and it feels absolutely amazing against your skin.

If you want to give them a try, start with IB socks. They’re unreal. You will NEVER go back to cotton or synthetic socks agin (period)

Icebreaker GT Ultralite 150

When I’m out for a run, I want  to feel as comfortable as possible without sacrificing performance. These items are all highly recommended. But the cool thing is that I could get done with my run put on some deoderant and some jeans and head out for the night with the same shirt on. It’s crazy how naturally anti-microbial this clothing is. NO Stink! 🙂

Alright, I’m off!!

B :)))

3 responses to “Out for a run: Icebreaker GT Ultralite Shirt + Icebreaker Crew Lite Socks

  1. Bought my first pair of icebreaker socks today. I will give it a field test a let you know how it comes out.

      • I got the multi sport ultra lite micro and I also got my dad the superfine tech lite tshirt for Christmas.

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