Sony NEX-7


When you decide to sell everything in hopes to slim down and be more agile, everything you do keep needs to be thought through to ensure no extra weight. So I was on the hunt for a pro quality camera with a super small footprint. Enter the Sony NEX 7.


It was rated the best camera of the year by Digital Photography review Magazine. It’s an Interchangeable lens camera. So you can get wide angle, zoom, portrait and any number of lenses that you need. It has a DSLR size imaging sensor. APS-C sensor. It takes ridculiusly amazing cinema quality video. Low light ability will blow you away. And the picture quality stuns me every time. But the one the biggest reason I love it is the size. Here’s a photo of the camera in a small bag that I carried with me while on a ten mile trail run.


Pro quality photography in a size that I could hold for hours while running. And I had two lenses in there! Amazing!


Here it is with a 16mm pancake lens next to a sharpie. Portable! Taking this out on the town is no problem. And people don’t look at you like “why is the paparazzi here!” Battery life is great! I took 450 photos while shooting my cousins band and took it down to 50%. Crazy! And another thing I love is that,yes it has a built in flash, has the ability to use hot shoe flashes but….I ne we use flash anymore. People are like, there wasn’t a flash, anf I say…yup…no need for one. I do t like flash, personally. Always looks bad for the most part. Acouple of other things… I usethe 16mm pancake lens, a 50mm portrait lens with image stablization, a hoya circular polarizing filter, and I always keep a hoya UV filter on both lenses for protection. I’m using a Tenba Mini Messenger to carry my Mac Air, IPap, camera and lenses.




So in conculsion, I’m stoked. I love the camera. Hopefully this helps if you’re in the market 🙂 Check out some of my photos at Cheers, B


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