To Bangkok + 24 Hours

Leaving for the airport.

Leaving for the airport. – Osprey Backpack, Icebreaker V-neck + Hoodie


I never thought that I would say it, but wow…I’m going to miss Seattle. Not just the amazing, endless adventures that you can get into here but most importantly, the people. It’s so hard to say goodbye, to move on, to let go…


I have been thinking about this lately. About change. It seems to me that I often FEAR CHANGE. And I think it’s because, currently, I’m comfortable. I feel good. Life’s good! So naturally, as part of my human condition, I don’t want to mess that up. But as I go through life, I see a pattern. I live and breathe, I’m comfortable, I fear change. But then something happens and there is an opportunity to change, I fear it, but go ahead and try it, scared, anticipating the future, I find out that it’s actually better than I could have predicted, I get comfortable again.

This pattern seems to just repeat itself. Comfortable. Fear. Change. Comfortable. Fear. Change. Comfortable.

The question I’ve been asking myself lately is Why does it take me so long to embrace change? Even though the pattern tells me that I WILL be comfortable again. And there is a very good chance of my life being even better than it was before.


My friend Annie and I

My friend Annie and I

As I was walking to my gate I hear my name. Just so happens my friend Annie is on her way to Denver. What a great surprise!

On the plane and ready to go!

On the plane and ready to go!

The first meal on the plane.

The first meal on the plane.

Incredible view while flying over Alaska

Incredible view while flying over Alaska

Augustine Volcano

Augustine Volcano

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1308

A scene from "The Beach"

A scene from “The Beach”

I watched The Beach on the flight for a little excitement boost 🙂

Mr. Bosco Tran

Mr. Bosco Tran


Bosco. That’s the mans name that was sitting to my left on the plane. Bosco was flying from Calgary to Singapore for a 5 day vacation. Then he must get back to work. If you are saying wow, I hear ya. We must have spoken for two to three hours on the flight to Narita. Bosco is a professor of economics at Rutgers University in New Jersey and consults for major companies around the world. To be able to spend time with this man was a gift.

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1277

Sea of Japan

Sea of Japan

It was an Eleven hour flight into Narita, Japan. Then a 1 hour layover before a 7 hour flight to Bangkok.

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1297


Touchdown! No checked bags so I head straight for… Well that’s where is got tricky. My friend’s friend Kelly was going to meet me at the airport but we hadn’t spoken for a bit. So I got on my iPad, connected to the wi-fi and saw that he had left me a message on FB. He asked if it would be alright if I just took a cab to his place. No problem! 🙂 He gave me a street name “Ekkemai 14”. So I made my way down to the cab station (it’s 12:30 at night btw) and said “Ekkemai 14”. The girl wrote something down that didn’t look like what I told her, handed it to me and a guy took me to his car.

They drive on the other side of the road?!! Well there ya go 🙂

30 minutes later we are down a dark alley and he just nods. I guess this is it. I then asked the driver…well I digress…I pointed to my ipad where I had Kelly’s # and a phone gesture with my hand. He got his phone and I dialed the #. Kelly answered. Apparently I was very close. So I paid. $9 for a 30 minute ride.

Walked around the corner and down the street a bit and there he was. Some chit-chat and then I was out for a solid 12 hours!


Kelly riding on the back of a motorbike taxi

Kelly riding on the back of a motorbike taxi

So I found out quickly that Kelly was not going to ease me into anything. We walk out of his apartment down to the main street. He tells two guys a street name and he tells me to jump on the back. Gooooood LOOOOORDDD! I hate riding on the back of motorcycles. Always have!

But…I guess when in Rome 🙂 So I jumped on and held on to the back with a death grip!

711527_10151145456736861_1758789647_nThe “taxis” took us straight for the BTS or Bangkok Transit System. Easy breezy!

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1288

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1273

Tons of motorcycles swarm around cars. There are even motorcycles that drive on the wrong side of the road…because it’s faster! Literally driving into on coming traffic….Insane!



To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1313Lunch. 2 Dollars! 🙂

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1285I spent the rest of the day walking around the streets just taking in the sites (and smells). I ended up running into a German traveler and we had a cafe in the late afternoon, chatted for a while and then I went to meet Kelly back at his office.


Nighttime Motorcycle Taxi

Nighttime Motorcycle Taxi

Well, of course, we started it off with a night-time motorcycle taxi ride. Yikes!

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1299Oh yea! I shot this photo while on the back of a tiny motorcycle that was weaving in and out of cars at night in Bangkok. Yep, that’s the way that it is.

I only took a few photos throughout the night. As I was hanging out with some new people, I wanted to focus more on being present. But I did grab this one at the very end of the evening.

To_Bangkok_24_Hours 1282

So, how were the first 24 hours in Bangkok?

Interesting to say the least. Basically I’m in that state of being uncomfortable. But I know, as a human, I have a PROFOUND ability to bring myself back to the comfortable state. But it’ll involve a tremendous amount of adapting, growing, feeling, learning, creativity and probably a lot of failure. And when I do get back…I’ll be stronger than ever before.

BRING IT ON!! :))))



10 responses to “To Bangkok + 24 Hours

  1. Yo buddy! Glad you made it safe. Knowing you, you’ll find that comfort very soon. I’m leaving LA right now on my way to Tahiti and I thought of you today. While here in LA we went to the beach that you took Alex and me where we ate Mexican food, and took a 3 hour bike tour where my bike broke. Ahhh memories. Good post. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Keith! Yea it’ll take a bit. I’ve been here only a few days and its getting better everyday. Living in Bangkok is the polar opposite of Bellevue. Ill be heading north to Chiang Mai next week.

      Tahiti! Man you guys are going to have so much fun. What a fun place for a honeymoon 🙂

      Good times when you and Alex came out. Speaking of Alex…where is that guy?!

  2. Great true about change and we all know what happens when there is NO change…Stale and then Rotten.Loved the journal of the trip and the Mini Tour of your first night and day….keep them coming!Stay Thirsty My Son!

    Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 05:10:07 +0000 To:

    • Thanks daddio! We must keep moving forward though the tough times and the good!

      You got it! I took quite a few photos yesterday that Ill get up soon 🙂

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