I Love A Nice RAC

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Random Acts of Connection (RAC)


Over a year ago I was at a cafe near my apartment in Seattle. I had my tablet in my hand working on a presentation that I was going to give in a few days. I was standing there, in my own little world, when I heard a voice. “What do you do with that thing?” I looked over and there was this lady sitting at a table with her dog. (we were outside) I then started to tell her that I was currently using it to create a mind map of a subject that I was presenting on. As I went further, I started talking about all of the wonderful things that one can do with a tablet. She was very receptive and excited to here the possibilities.

I sat down beside her and introduced myself. Hello, my name is Brandon. Hi, I’m MAX. Max then proceeds to tell me how she has spent the last 40 years helping people become better performers on all levels through mind mapping, meditation and energy channeling. As we spent the next 45 minutes talking, I didn’t get a thing done on my tablet, but walked away with my opening for my entire presentation and a wonderful confidence and new found wisdom from this amazingly energetic and wise lady.

Over the next year and a half, Max and I would have many RACs. Speaking of life, love, people or just simply the weather. I am so glad that she initiated a connection with me that morning. Thank you Max!


I was at a cycle shop in Bellevue, WA getting a tired changed (yes I know…I should do this myself…I’m terrible at it though:( . And in walks this older, rough looking man. He had a bushy grey beard, worn in helmet, and was just looking like he was living on his bike.

After a few minutes, I started chatting with him about why he was in the shop. He had a broken pedal clip. So he needed to buy a new one. We kept chatting and I noticed that he was an excited, energetic guy with a great natural smile. I figured he was about 55. His name, Ron.

Two weeks later I was sitting my local cafe when a vintage, convertable Mercedes benz pulls up. Perfect condition…just beautiful. The door opens and two Teva sandals hit the pavement. I looked up, and look at this, it was Ron. Wearing cargo shorts and hoodie…looking like he just rolled in from Venice Beach, Ca. I said hello Ron we met a couple weeks ago. He remembered. We chatted for a few seconds and he ran into to get his coffee and then took off.

A week later again I was at the cafe and a brand new black Audi pulls up. Guess who it is…Ron. This time he went in to get his coffee and came out and chatted with me for a bit. Ends up Ron is 72 and is the most vibrant man I’ve ever met. His motto is GO. Keep moving. Keep Exploring. He’s a cyclist, paddle boarder, Kite surfer for 40 years, and was at that point, about to go on a two week canoe trip down the Colorado river through the grand canyon. (which he’s done two other times…40 years and 20 years ago!!)

Ron and I, since we randomly met, have had many RACs. I’ve met his wife (who is absolutely wonderful) and we’ve spoken about everything from business to adventure and women. When I last spoke to Ron, he and his wife were about to go on a month long cycling adventure through Patagonia.


Just recently I was on a trek through a national park in Northern Thailand. While I was staying at one of the villages, one of the sons of the family (he called himself Dragon), noticed that I was a runner and liked to explore. So he asked if I wanted to get up at 5am and go running through the jungle and up this mountain. I wasn’t sure at first. Then he said “Never Try, Never Know”. 

This is what RACs are all about. Take a chance. Get out of your comfort zone and say hello to someone. Initiate a connection with someone you wouldn’t normally speak to. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you talk about, or even if it goes well. Just start putting yourself out there.


It doesn’t really matter! Just be yourself. SMILE :)) LISTEN. And be OPEN.


Often the best things in life aren’t planned. They just seem to Randomly happen. But make no mistake, you have to put yourself out there and willing to accept and embrace these moments. I’m not saying that every person you speak to will change your life but you just might find that these connections will at the very least bring you a little joy, put a smile on your face, help you forget about yourself for a bit and MORE than likely you will do the same thing for the other person.

And more often than not, the connection will be a special one. A connection that opens your heart, mind, soul…helps you build your business, further your personal goals, and very likely sparks a thought that you may have never had without the connection.


Everyday is a new chance to CONNECT. Don’t hesitate to say hello and if you do (hesitate) just remind yourself how great a RAC can be.

Live Free,


Do you have stories about RACs? Please share. Perhaps you will inspire others 🙂


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