There is no doubt that fear has a lot to do with the decisions that people make on a daily basis. It’s simply part of the human condition.

By the time we reach adulthood, the society and culture that surrounds us, have fully ingrained in us to avoid PAIN and seek COMFORT.

And this is good in many ways (don’t get into huge debt or you could lose everything) but in other ways (simply speaking to someone you don’t know) it has really impeded ones ability to live life to its fullest.

SOLHIGH is all about breaking from these fears and living free.

A few months ago, on a cloudy day in Seattle, I was sitting at my local cafe having coffee and the sun peaked through the clouds. The rays were shining down in a small spot right in the middle of the parking lot…so I got up and walked out there and faced directly into the sun.

As I stood there I felt a wave of energy come over me. A SUN HIGH if you will 🙂 With my eyes closed; a thought sparked.

This feeling of energy that gives me such joy and happiness is very similiar to the way I feel when I let go of fear, embrace the unknown and live free.

Perhaps I might not know what will happen, but with faith, ability to adapt and a joy to simply spread positive energy with everyone I meet, I’m confident that life will introduce me to a world that I never knew existed.


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